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Internal structure of plate radiator
Date: 2021-07-27 22:35:41

Design and structure of steel plate radiator, middle convection plate, plus two steel plates. Professional description its structure is mainly composed of flow part and convection plate. The flow part is welded by two rolling steel plates, and the outer surface is welded with a folded convection sheet with large surface area. The structure improves the heat dissipation effect, that is, the surface area of the radiator in contact with the air increases, and customers who improve the heat dissipation speed need to consider the overall height and width when purchasing. The general height is 300-900mm and the length is in the range of 400-2000mm. Its models are generally 10vk, 11vk, 20vk, 21vk and 22vk. According to the convection mode, it can be divided into single plate single convection, double plate single convection, double plate double convection and three plate three convection. You can see the specific structure diagram.  Internal structure of plate radiator